About Us

The Australian based founders of Tailmate have been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. Throughout those years they have been involved in many automotive accessories that have hit the market however, nothing that came close to what idea struck them next.

They witnessed themselves and many consumers getting annoyed having to climb in and out of their 4wd pick up utilities hurting their knees, slipping or even damaging their tailgates. It was at this point along with 4 years of research, development and testing that the first Tailmate was produced. An all in 1 solution to consumers in the automotive market. Soft on your knees, OH&S friendly, Non-Slip, pet friendly, protects your tailgate and much more.

The unique and special element that came along with the invention of Tailmate was not only being Australian made and owned but the only product of its kind in the market world wide.

Tailmate now has reached an online status where it is made easily available to every customer out there experiencing the same problems with their tailgate.